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How to reach The Versus Project

The Versus Market has been online for more than 6 months now, anbd I liked that platform as soon as I checked it out. It is easy to navigate and has a serious feeling. Also, they were hacked once and lost some money.. but they got the site back up again, apologized and made things as right as they could and now they are up running again. While that is both a pro and a con ofcourse, since a darknet admin should not have so weak security to allow outsiders into the system where the users BTC reside - but I think more important is the beauty and honest intention in doing things right. I believe Versus is one of the strongest platforms out there and will be up and running for several years to come.

Below information from the representative, he calls himself Edgar Allan Poe. A nice nickname to take these days. Enjoy the information, and hopefully you find what you are looking for.

"The Versus Projects ultimate goal is to offer the best service possible for both vendors and buyers. But the Project is defined by its members. Therefore the admins ask you to not only use this service, but contribute to it. If you have any suggestions, ideas or feedback in general or a simple request please never hesitate to contact the staff."


Congratulations, you have made the extremely wise choice of selecting Versus Market as your DNM platform to make your purchases! We are confident that once you complete your first transaction on Versus, you will make this your "home market."

Versus Market offers a wide selection of various goods which can be purchased from our array of Vendors. There are, of course, some items which you cannot purchase (or sell) on Versus Market and if you have any questions about such products please reference our Codes of Conduct and Terms of Use.

Now, enough formalities and on to the question that brings you to this article: "How do I buy products on Versus market?"

First of all please prepare a dedicated electrum wallet to buy on Versus. This is not an obligatory step yet we highly recommend to do it

Once you created your electrum wallet and imported your xpub/ypub/zpub into your Versus settings...

Versus Market has a simple 6 step process to buying and receiving your goods:

1 Checkout

-> Checkout occurs once you have selected the listing of your choice from your vendor's shop. The product, with the appropriate quantity, will be added to your cart. From there, you will be asked to selection a shipping option and a payment option. Both of these items come from determinations that are preset by the vendor. -> Input your Refund Address. This is a BTC/XMR address in which your funds will be sent back to you in the case of a refund. Remember, Versus Market is doesn't have onsite-wallets so it is very important that you set a refund address. -> Input your PGP ENCRYPTED shipping information into the notes section. If you aren't sure about how to do this, make sure to check our PGP Basics Guide!!

2 Payment

-> Versus Market will automatically generate an invoice for your order. Make sure to send the correct amount of cryptocurrency to the wallet address in your invoice. You will have a limited time to do so and if you fail to complete that, your order will automatically be canceled. -> Your vendor will not see or receive your order until you pay this invoice!!!

3 Acceptance

-> Now the proverbial ball is in the vendor's court. The vendor can either choose to accept your order or decline it in which case you will be refunded to the refund address you provided in step #1 within an estimate time frame of six hours.

4 Shipping

-> Your vendor will notify you through Versus' transaction system when your product has shipped. Please remember to refence the Buyer's Best Practices Guide as it relates to shipping time etiquette. Most vendors are overworked single man operations and same or next day shipping cannot always be guaranteed.

5 Finalize

-> So a few days have passed and you've received your order. Congrats, you've successfully completed your transaction on Versus Market - but wait, you are forgetting something! Your vendor who sent you the product a few days ago will not actually be paid until you finalize the order. This is why it is extremely important to finalize your order once you have received it and verified its contents. Be nice to your vendor and expect the same in return. Don't wait until your 3 day weekend party binge ends to finalize the order you received Friday!

6 Feedback

-> Once you finalize your order you will have the opportunity to leave feedback on your transaction experience, on the product you received and on the vendor overall. Remember, vendors thrive on feedback and customers rely on it. Leave a helpful and honest review! If there was a problem, don't be afraid to say so - constructive criticism helps vendors improve and lets customers know in advance. If you had a great transaction, leave a nice and detailed comment. Vendors are business owners and customer feedback is what keeps them running.

Code of Conduct on Versus Project

Prohibited Items

I. NO pornography or pornographic media, including pedophilia, zoophilia, or torture.

II. NO dangerous weaponry, paraphernalia or substances of any sort, including semi-automatic weapons, explosives, knives, poisons, acids, diseases, nuclear or biological weapons, harmful/lethal gases or similar toxins, or weapons of mass destruction. Exceptions may be made for Tasers, pepper spray/Mace, nonlethal weapons, decorative/deactivated weapons for aesthetic purposes, antiques for collectible purposes, and fakes.

III. NO doxxing, either in full or in part. Threats of doxxing, blackmail, extortion, or the saving of any shipping or personal information about the customer by vendors past the point at which it is necessary to fulfill the order are also disallowed.

IV. NO advertising of services relating to harm, either physical or mental, or murder, including assassination, threatening, arson, surveillance or harassment of any person or persons, red room services, or services for hacking, DDoSing, or phishing of any site and/or business.

V. NO trading of fentanyl or any of its analogues or product containing fentanyl or any of its analogues.

VI. NO FE requests or outside market deals. This includes diverting users from Versus to other markets.

VII. NO contact information of insecure third party messenger or services including but not limited to apps like wickr or whatsapp.

VIII. NO sales or discussion of garlic bread. This rule is non-negotiable. Sales of the products required to create garlic bread are allowed, but not in bulk. Guides or discussion of the creation of garlic bread is strictly forbidden.

I. Code of Conduct

Anonymity is sacrosanct, therefore you are expected to respect and protect the anonymity of all community members, be they customers, vendors, or staff.
Doxxing or threatening to do so (here or on any platform) will result in an immediate banishment. Your funds will be frozen and donated to anonymity-supporting services.
All buyers, vendors and support will approach each other with mutual respect. Insulting or humiliating other members will not be accepted, neither in private messages nor on the forums.
We all follow a common goal and will resolve all disputes in a reasonable manner. Creative minds and fuck-off attitudes are admired.
However, this is not a place for trolling.
Although we stimulate and support exchange of ideas , opinions and discussions of any form, we ask you to post considered and reasonable.
It's problematic to filter important information from fear-mongering nowadays - so please check your sources thoroughly to avoid spreading of FUD and dubious rumors. It's not necessarily true, just because you read it on the internet.
Our community rewards honest trade and through virtue of our systems we can award possibilities to honest traders that would not be possible otherwise.
Scamming and nefarious conduct can be detected quite fast and results in even faster action by our staff.

2. Terms of Service

2.1 General

By registering an account you agree to all terms of service.
You are the proprietor of your account.
You will not allow third parties access to your account neither consciously nor by negligence.
You will be held responsible for any actions carried out by your account.
You will not try to manipulate the search function via keyword stuffing and any violation can result in a temporary or permanent exclusion from the project.

Accepting multisignature payments is obligatory for all vendors. No excuses.

Versus Staff (mods) are your guides. They will help make final decision on any issue at hand. 

2.2 Safety/Security

Encryption is mandatory. Since a PGP key is a prerequisite to setup an account, you have already mastered the first step. Private messages between you, vendors, support or any other members will always be stored encrypted. However we strongly advice you to manually encrypt your communication, especially if it contains sensitive data.
Do not jeopardize yours or any others' security through inattentiveness or slackness.
You will not reveal any information that was shared in private (e.g. private messages, direct chat) to the public unless all parties involved or with the approval of a Moderator.
You will not insecurely store any sensitive information which would establish proof of a relationship between you and The Versus Project or reveal such information to third parties.
You will not use insecure third party services like Igolder or privnote.
you will not communicate anything Project related over a mobile messenger. 

2.3 Placing an order

By placing an order, you automatically agree to the vendor's own terms of service. These apply in any case as long as there is no conflict with the Verus Project's rules.
All vendors have distinguished themselves by providing excellent customer service and obliged to keep this level up.
In order to do so, we ask you to follow these simple and easy rules: 

I. Check the vendors FAQs before asking a question via PM - Do not contact the vendor in regards of non-arrivals or even try to start a dispute before the ETA has elapsed.

II. Do not ask for samples, unless the vendor offers them on his page. Do not ask for donations or indulge in begging.

III. In case an order will not be processed by the vendor within a reasonable time frame it will be cancelled automatically. Support will not cancel orders manually.

2.4 Feedback

All vendors have been selected because of their boundless positive reputation or because they paid a high vendor bond in order to keep them from scamming. Therefore we ask you to:

Leave feedback which is as accurate as possible.
Please do not leave your geographic location in the feedback for various reasons.
For any issues, always contact the vendor first to understand the situation and/or to resolve the matter before attempting to escalate the issue with staff.
You have the right to leave an objective feedback. Any emotional or outraged feedback/review may be reviewed by staff for its accuracy.
Simply leaving negative feedback without first seeking a resolution with the vendor and/or support may result in a review of the feedback.
You agree to leave feedback as soon as you receive your order to help with the accuracy of our statistics. The system may block you from ordering if you have too many completed orders without feedback. 

2.4.1 Resolution/Disputes

Before raising a dispute please always try to work out issues with the vendor first.
Escalation of disputes work in the following order: vendor -> support -> senior moderator.
You will agree with any outcome of a resolution process moderated by support or mods, regardless whether or not it's in your favor.
You will not carry over a dispute from or to other markets or forums unless all parties involved have agreed to do so. 

The Versus Projects ultimate goal is to offer the best service possible for both vendors and buyers. But the Project is defined by its members. Therefore the admins ask you to not only use this service, but contribute to it. If you have any suggestions, ideas or feedback in general or a simple request please never hesitate to contact the staff.