Hermes was a cool market with alot of friendly vendors and buyers, Hermes accepts both BTC and XMR and plans to be up and running for a long time. I have gathered some interesting facts that you can read below, as well as the guide for getting started on Hermes with buying or selling

But if you dont feel like reading that now, or dont need to, or dont have time and just want to grab the address to Hermes:

Hermes Market is closed!

Take a look at...

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Facts about the market

The admin has the word... below information is copied from the FAQ and Info page on the market. I think it is interesting to get to know the people behind a little so I pasted it here.

How long has the market been operating?

Hermes Market started operating May 2021.

Do I need to store money on the market:

No, you don't store any money/crypto on the market. We are a walletless market so you only send the amount of your purchase when you want to order something, you will have a unique escrow address generated as soon as you are ready to order something and you pay directly to that.

Who runs Hermes Market:

With out giving away too much for obvious reasons, at present the team consists of a senior sys admin, a market admin and a moderator. We will grow in time with the market.

Which Cryptocurrencies do you accept:

Right now we accept Bitcoin and Monero. We highly encourage everyone to use Monero if you can as we consider it superior in many ways over Bitcoin. If there is a Crypto that is not currently supported on the market just ask us and if we get enough demand for it then we will add it.

Why should I trust Hermes Market over other new Markets?

We are not here just to make a quick buck and then disappear like others have done in the past and like some Markets will continue to do, hence why we decided to launch Hermes Market with a fully functional Bitcoin Multisig 2 of 3 Escrow from the start. By using Multisig you are securing your Bitcoin payments in a superior way. There is no benefit in a Market that uses Btc Multisig running off or exit scamming as the Multisig funds can not be spent or moved without the correct amount of signatures (also prevents LE seizing funds). On top of this, we do not have "wallets" for our users so you do not store Crypto on the Market instead you pay directly to the unique Escrow address that will be generated for you upon checkout. So if you are sick and tired of losing money on Markets exit scamming and running off, use our Btc Multisig Escrow. The power to change this is in YOUR hands, simply do not use a Market that does not offer Multisig. We believe we have implemented this in the most simplest way possible to use. After Sign up go to "Guides" page and you will see a step by step guide on how to use Multisig.

How do I make a purchase:

It's very easy. Once you have selected an item to purchase just select the amount of item, then which Crypto you would like to pay with and click "add to cart". Any delivery/buyer notes needs to be Self Encrypted in order to proceed through checkout. After that you just click checkout then press the order id that will be there. You will see your selected Crypto amount To Pay and Encrypted Escrow Address. Just Decrypt the Escrow address and make payment to it. As soon as the address has 1 confirmation the vendor will be notified and advised to send your order. If you prefer you can also use the qr code that will be generated to pay for your order, just scan the code with your camera. It will automatically fill the address and amount fields on your wallet.

Is messaging & ordering safe/secure:

All messages are encrypted with your password you used when making an account on the market. You are the only person who can read/decrypt these, even Hermes Market can not read your messages. Encrypted messages are purged from server after 30 days. Order notes and delivery address's MUST be self encrypted (enforced) with the vendors pgp key and escrow payment addresses are also encrypted.

What's a Mnemonic:

When you first sign up on the market a Mnemonic is dispayed to you, it consists of 24 random words. You will need this to regain access to your account if you forget your password. So please make a note of it and keep it safe.

How do I become a vendor on Hermes

First sign up on the market then login. After login you will see on the left hand side of page some categories, select "become vendor" and there is a button there for you to become a vendor. There is a vendor fee, currently $500USD. 5% market fee's are deducted from vendor sales, there are no other charges or fee's, Hermes Market pays all transaction fee's. Some other Markets charge a TX fee on top of their Market fee just for you to receive your own hard earned money, so in total you could end up paying up to 10% from your sales. This is just not right! With Hermes Market vendors only pay the Market fee and we pay the TX fee's. If you are an established vendor on any other market or platform you can apply for a vendor fee waiver (free vendor account). Simply open a support ticket asking for this and we will promptly look in to it. It's compulsory for vendors to have a pgp key added and 2FA enabled. You must do this before applying to become a vendor. Please note All Vendor fee waiver requests will go through PGP key & PGP signature verification, you must be able to Decrypt & Sign with the PGP key/s listed on recon/DNTrust/other markets if you are requesting a vendor fee waiver.

Do you offer a referral scheme:

Yes we do. You will earn 50% of the market fee from purchases made by everyone you have referred. Every referral. Every purchase. Every time. Your unique referral link is on your profile page after login. Vendors are also welcome to give their own referral code to their own buyers so in effect these vendors will get 50% discount on market fees from their sales. Remember to add a Bitcoin address & a Monero address on your Profile settings page after Sign up as referral fee's will be paid out in which ever Crypto coin was used to make the referral purchase or purchases.

What if I have a issue or problem on the Market:

We have a traditional type ticket system, you open a new ticket and a member of Admin will respond in under 24 hours. If you would like a "nearly live support" type experience which would be much faster you can Bitmessage Admin aswell. Typical responce times with this are around 5 minutes. More details are on Support page after you login.

What's Bitmessage ?:

Bitmessage is a decentralized, encrypted, peer-to-peer, trustless communications protocol that can be used by one person to send encrypted messages to another person. Hermes Market makes use of Bitmessage for sending encrypted notifcations to users and vendors about sales, orders and messages within the market. You don't even need to be logged in to the Market to receive your Bitmessage notifications. We also use Bitmessage as part of our Support system. For more information or to download and install Bitmessage simply go to Bitmessage wiki, download and install. It only takes a minute and is very easy and straight forward to setup.

Hermes Market Buyers Guide

Before anything you should set a refund address on your profile settings page and then select "PGP Key" from left hand side menu and add you public pgp key. You will not be able to create orders or purchase anything until you have added a PGP Key. Escrow payment addresses are Encrypted so your PGP key is used to encrypt the address.

We advise to set a refund address for all payment types. BTC and XMR. If you also wish to use BTC MULTISIG as a payment option then you first need to set your Bitcoin Public Key (BTC PUBKEY). As Coin Type select BTC PUBKEY and in the box next to that you paste your Bitcoin Public Key. Now you are ready to receive any refunds, bitcoin or monero and you can purchase products using Bitcoin Multisig 2 of 3 Escrow.

Once you have selected an item to purchase just select the amount of item, then which Crypto you would like to pay with and click "add to cart". If item is a physical item you will see a text box where you insert your delivery address in Encrypted format and then press the Save button. After that you just click checkout then press the order id that will be there. Please note you will not be able to proceed through checkout unless any delivery/buyer notes are self encrypted, you can find the Vendors PGP key on their Profile. Just click the Vendors name and it will take you to the Vendor Profile page. You will see your selected Crypto amount To Pay and encrypted escrow address. Simply Decrypt the Escrow payment address and make payment to it. As soon as the address has 1 confirmation the vendor will be notified and advised to send your order. If you prefer you can also use the qr code that will be generated to pay for your order, just scan the code with your camera. It will automatically fill the address and amount fields on your wallet.

If your product is a Digital item that has Auto-Delivery enabled it will be automatically delivered to you on the payments page. You do not need to wait for the vendor to send it, after making your payment you will notice it has been automatically delivered at the top right hand side of the payments page.

You will notice a countdown timer at the top of the page that counts down from 3 hours, you have 3 hours to make payment to the escrow address. After 3 hours the order will auto cancel. Do NOT make payment to an address where the order has expired or is about to expire, you may lose your coins! In short, ensure there is a decent amount of time left on the countdown timer before making payment and make sure you use enough transaction fees when sending your payment so that it will broadcast on the network in time. If in doubt just let the order auto cancel (or you can press Cancel) and create another fresh order. The countdown timer will stop as soon as it detects your payment. Due to the sometimes seen congestion on the Bitcoin network it may be wise to use Monero instead.

Once you have received your product / service and are happy with it you should press the button that says Mark as Delivered. This will release funds from the escrow address to the vendors address. Now you will be able to leave feedback for the vendor. Please note if you do not mark as delivered and the vendor has marked as sent the order will auto finalize after 16 days (5 days for Digital products). If your order is a BTC MULTISIG order please refer to our BTC MULTISIG GUIDE for step by step instructions on how to mark the order as delivered and how to sign & broadcast the transaction.

If there is an issue or problem with the product or service you received you can start a Dispute against the vendor. You will see a text box appear at the bottom of the order page where you can write what the issue is and then press Dispute. After this point a member of admin will get involved and will ask for evidence from both parties and help decide if the buyer should get a refund or if the vendor is entitled to the payment. All replies in the dispute chat are viewable by all 3 parties, buyer vendor and admin. Funds are locked until Admin has decided who should be the Winner of the dispute, once decided the outcome will be made avaiable for buyer and vendor to see and the funds will instantly be sent to the appropriate address.

Auto Cancel

If NO payment has been received order will auto cancel once countdown timer reaches zero which is after 3 hours. Do NOT send payment if order is about to cancel or has cancelled. Auto Finalize

Once order is marked as sent it will auto finalize after 16 days and 5 days for digital items. You will notice a Auto Finalize countdown timer at top of page. Once this has happened funds have been released and disputes can not be made. How To Cancel Order

You can cancel the order yourself by pressing the Cancel button on the order page, this can be done anytime up until the vendor has marked the order as sent. Disputes

Disputes must be made before funds are released. Once the order has been marked as delivered by buyer or auto finalized disputes can not be made.

Hermes Market Vendors Guide

Before becoming a vendor you should set your public pgp key and then enable 2FA. Your vendor account can not be activated without this step. Once this is done you can go ahead and make payment to one of the payment addresses on the Become A Vendor page. After making payment your user account will automatically be upgraded to a vendor account. You will now see your vendor panel tab on the left hand side menu. The next step should be to set your payment addresses on the profile settings page, on these addresses you will receive payments from your sales. You will notice at the bottom of profile settings page a field where you can select BTC and then in the box next to it paste your bitcoin address, then press Change/Save. For Monero select XMR then paste your Monero address, then press Change/Save. If you would like to accept Bitcoin Multisig 2 of 3 payments and Multisignature Escrow then you select BTC PUBKEY and in the box next to that you paste your Bitcoin Public Key and then press Change/Save. We advise to set all 3 payment options so that you can give your customers a choice of the 3. With all 3 payment options it should be looking like the picture below:

Next is to create your listings, go to your vendor panel by pressing Vendor tab. You will notice 2 types of listings you can create. Digital or Physical. Press Add digital product or Add physical product. The next options you will see are really self explanatory. Add the title for your product, the category, add the description, the payment rules and quantity. At the bottom of this page you need to select the payment options you want on this listing. To select more than 1 payment option hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and then click each payment option which will highlight each one. BTC, XMR and BTC MULTISIG. You also need to select both Escrow types if you want all payment options, Normal and Multisignature. Please note, if you do not see an option for BTC MULTISIG this is because you have not added your BTC PUBKEY on your profile settings page first. Just add your BTC PUBKEY and then come back and create your listing, now you will see the Multisig option too. With all 3 payment options selected on your listing it will look like the picture below:

Now after pressing Next you will need to set price, shipping options (if its a pyhsical product) and at least 1 image for your product. For best image quality results use Landscape orientated image jpg or png.

When your have new sale's you will see notifications telling you this. Click the notification and you will be taken to the order page where you can see when the buyer has paid enough on the Escrow address for the order. When the buyer has paid enough you can press the Mark As Sent button, from this point the buyer can not cancel the order and you are safe to send the order. If the order is a BTC MULTISIG order please refer to our BTC MULTISIG GUIDE to see how you should proceed to Sign and broadcast the transaction.

Once the buyer has Marked the order as Delivered the funds will automatically and instantly be sent from the Escrow address to your personal receiving address. As we are a walletless market you do not need to do anything else, funds will not accumulate in a "market wallet". You will receive your funds after each and every sale and we pay the sending / TX fee's. If the buyer does not Mark As Delivered the order will auto finalize after 16 days for a Physical product and 5 days for a Digital product.

Vendors who have FE status (Finalize Early) and who have selected this on their listing will receive their funds as soon as you press the Mark As Sent button. After pressing Mark As Sent you will notice the order status automatically change to Paid and you will receive your funds.

Markdown Styling On Listings

To make your listings stand out and more unique you can use Markdown tags. Currently we only support some of the basic Markdown tags. We will be adding support for more tags soon. Below are some examples.

Heading1 Will produce:


Heading2 Will produce:


Heading3 Will produce:


bold text Will produce bold text

italicized text Will produce italicized text

  1. First item
  2. Second item
  3. Third item

Will produce an Ordered list as above.

Will produce a list with bullet points as below.

First Item
Second Item
Third Item
Auto Delivery

Digital products have the option of Auto-Delivery. When creating the listing you will see the sub option Digital Options, here you can paste the digital product as one product per line. After adding all your products as one per line tick the Auto-Delivery checkbox. Auto-Delivery products will instantly and automatically be delivered by the system once the buyer has made payment to the Escrow address. You as the vendor do not need to press Mark As Sent or anything else. The system will handle everything and change the order status to sent.

Vacation Mode

On your vendor panel you will notice a button that says Vacation Mode, when turned on this will put all your listings into vacation mode. This will temporarily hide your listings so that they can not be searched for or viewed on the market. Vacation Mode should be used if you intend on being away or on vacation from the market for an extended period of time. Once you are back from vacation you simply Turn Off vacation mode and your listings will once again be searchable. Please note, the vacation mode button will show once you have created your first listing.


In the case of Disputes you will receive a notification if an order is being disputed by a buyer. Click the notification and at the bottom of the order page you will see a Dispute chat window. In the dispute chat window the buyer will state their reasons for disputing and as the vendor this is where you should state your reasons why the dispute should be found in your favour (if this is the case). A member of Admin will also take part in this chat and help decide who the Winner of the dispute should be. Once the winner has been decided the funds will instantly be released to the Winner's personal coin address.

Off Market Notifications

Hermes Market uses Pybitmessage for off market notifications. You do not need to be logged in to the market to receive all your notifications via Pybitmessage. Pybitmessage is a decentralized, encrypted, peer-to-peer, trustless communications protocol that can be used by one person to send encrypted messages to another person, or to multiple subscribers. Simply download the latest version and install it (it only takes a minute) and then back on the market press the Bitmessage tab from the left hand side menu and add your bitmessage address. The first time you setup a new bitmessage address on the market you will be sent a verification code that you need to paste back on the market to complete setup. From now on you will receive all notifications via Pybitmessage even when not logged in to the market.