Monero, XMR, is a safer and more secure cryptocoin than BTC. Many markets are leaving BTC behind and becomming Monero only markets. You can easily swap between BTC and XMR on many places, but do your research before you sen any BTC to a service you never used before. Check Dread, read some fresh reviews in order to be as sure as you can to not getting scammed.

Some tips from the guys

While on most markets customers can pay by Bitcoin if they choose to, but some markets only handles Monero. This is not a complete Monero user guide but merely some recommendations for new users.

Recommended Monero wallets

We advise against using a mobile phone/tablet for dark net activities if you don't really know what you are doing. Unless properly secured mobile devices are a security and privacy nightmare.

Buy Monero from exchanges:



Change BTC into Monero or vice versa. Also into most other coins:

Above services was manually verified 2023-03-28 as working, but even so please do your own research before using it for larger quantities.