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Archetyp offers a lot of features, some you never saw before. They accept users and vendors based in the European countries.

URL to Archetyp Market

The below shortlink automatically redirects you to a working .ONION adress. You can click it if you are on TOR already, otherwise copy the link.

Or if you prefer you can use the .ONION-link directly.

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Whats special with Archetyp

Archetype Market on the darknet is a free platform. With some unique features, security by default and cutting-edge technology and design.

Interview with Archetyp Admin

Interview with Archetyp

We sent a few questions to the admin of the market, a small interview. Check out the answers below.

You opened as an EU only market, why?

Initially we opened as EU only market, that was back in May 2020, we wanted to offer a specialized market for Europe, where everything will be customized for Europe only, to serve European interests. On the stoners days, 4/20 2021 what seems to be another market, started a DDoS attack against our onion. As we were not able to find out, which market performed these attacks, our best possible way to payback, was to expand our market to the whole world, to try and takeaway some customers from the attacker \m/

Aren’t you afraid of getting busted?

No, not really. While I do have a lot respect towards the police authority and do not underestimate them, I know whereon my security is based and that I have to make sure to keep this at all times.

I think what many people do not keep in mind is, that only because Monero currently counts as "untraceable", this is not a promise that will still count in the future, there are companies who work active on tracing Monero transactions. The biggest mistakes of busted admins, where often papertrails.

With increasing computation power, it will get easier to trace Monero transactions. If I send a transaction today, there is no guarantee that this transaction will be untraceable in 5 years. My "crimes" will not be lapsed till then, therefore I have to make sure, that my anonymity will still remain, even in 10 years.

Why is only drugs and medicine allowed on your market?

Would drugs be legal in an utopia? Yes. Would Fraud be legal in an utopia? No. I think all drugs should be legalized, while I would want harder punishments for Fraud. Drugs use does not directly cause harm. Drug abuse does. We should not ban dangerous substances, but educate about them. I think there is a lot of potential in various mind altering substances.

What do you think you will be doing in 5 years, what is your vision?

In five years I'll run the biggest drug market, while maintaining highest security and quality standards. We have a lot planned with Archetyp, and we continue to always improve. I'm sure we will never stop this way of operation.

Do you think drugs will be legalized any time soon?

Worldwide: No. Within the the EU, I can see drugs going to be decriminalized, I can not think of a when though. I think the youth is more ready to do it. In Germany cannabis is likely to get legalized within 4 years, so that's a first step.

Thanks to YosemiteGhostWrite for the answers.

Monero only

Archetyp accepts only Monero (XMR) for transactions, for safety reasons. Learn to use Monero, it is safer! Get Monero from one of the below sites.

General features

Is this website illegal?

A lot of things and actions are illegal. Does it mean it is correct that they are? Does it mean they don't exist or happen? Does it mean suits from next door or people in the parliament comply with all of them?


How long does it take for a payment to be processed?

While this depends on various aspects, payments should usually be processed within half an hour. In rare case, it might take about an hour or two.

I accidentally sent the wrong currency/to an incorrect address, what can I do?

Unfortunately, there is nothing to do about this. There are warnings for all of these cases at the corresponding places in the interface.

My payment still hasn't been processed after a complete day. What is happening?

Please check again, if you sent XMR to the correct address. If you are sure everything has been done properly, please reach out via ticket.


What do you on Archetyp Market do to protect yourself and the users?

It starts at the core. For example, we only offer privacy coin XMR. We have 2FA, different usernames for login and public appearance.

I found a vulnerability.

We want to hear about it. Please contact us as soon as possible and use our PGP key. We will also reward you for your information in case we can confirm the issue. Vendors

How are vendors being selected and tested?

There are a couple of aspects. We want to hear about their motiviation, their plan and planned listings. In case of a known vendor, we verify them through existing platforms.

Rules on this market

While we want to offer a free platform and market and this is usually being seen as a criminal activity, we do have rules, morale and values. Child pornography, causing harm to individuals, terrorism and alike, for example, is strictly forbidden. No excuses.

Not allowed on Archetyp

Dont sell forbidden goods. Everything related to porn, racism, weapons, poisons, fraud and scam is strictly forbidden.

Dont hurt individuals. Personal data, doxing, data of individual persons is strictly forbidden on the platform.

Dont be evil. Insults, personal attacks or any similar negative behavior is not being tolerated.

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