ATTENTION: This Market is no more, Royal Market died in the summer of 2023

Royal Market

Royal Market launched in 2020 and was until summer 2023 one of the largets markets on darknet.

Royal Market alternatives

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Buying with both BTC and XMR

Both Monero and Bitcoin is accepted on Royal Market.

A little about the Marketplace

"With sufficient coding and security knowladge to build a platform that everyone will love. Their vision is to stay online for as long as possible and take Royal to a whole new level. Royal market listens to all suggestions and ideas by its users to make improvements on the go. They promise a very active and professional support team which assists members 24/7."

Royal Market opened in October 2020

Royal Market is a relatively new darknet market that started operating in October 2020. Signing up on the site is straightforward, and browsing the market is easy due to its unique layout, which takes into account design flaws from other markets. Unlike many other markets, Royal Market does not require users to deposit funds into an account wallet. Instead, all orders are processed using a per-order payment escrow system, where veteran vendors who have earned a lot of "points" on the market are FE-enabled. The only drawback we've seen so far is that Royal Market has limited listing filters and search functionality. The market accepts both XMR and BTC.

One of the neat features of Royal Market is that it offers tutorials on-site for both Windows and Linux machines. Another unique feature is the "live feed" of user activity that displays the first and last letters of each username, providing an idea of how active the market is at any given moment. With many other darknet markets closing down recently, activity on Royal Market is thriving. The admins are hoping to attract big-time vendors from other markets and have therefore made it possible to import feedback from 34 different markets, including Silk Road, giving buyers a highly accurate picture of a vendor's competency.

Easy browsing

Royal Market makes browsing easy by placing all categories on the front page for easy access, even if they are not in alphabetical order. The market offers a variety of categories, including Counterfeit, Steroids, Digital, Drug Recipes, Benzos, Services, Leaks, Opioids, Psychedelics, Prescription, Stimulants, Fraud Documents, Cannabis, Disociatives, Ecstasy, and Tutorials. Cannabis is the market's most extensive category, but they also offer a significant number of digital listings. Royal Market boasts thousands of listings in each category every day, making it one of the larger darknet markets currently in operation.

Good payment solution

Royal Market uses the per-order (also known as Direct Pay) payment system, meaning there is no centrally-controlled wallet that holds all user funds. Rather, a deposit is only required at the time of payment. The market supports both BTC and XMR as payment options. Unlike most other markets, Royal Market allows several different deposit addresses to be added at one time, and each one can have its own withdrawal password. Buyers will need to configure at least one refund address for refunds. Vendors who have earned a lot of points on Royal's system are Trusted Vendors and FE-enabled. All other orders are processed using standard escrow.

Is now one of the biggest markets

In summary, Royal Market appears to be doing exceptionally well due to the closing of many of its competitors in early 2022. The market has incorporated many highly-desired elements, learning from the mistakes of other markets during its nearly 1.5 years of existence. As a result, it is attracting a steady stream of new users daily, with up to 1,000 registrations per day according to the market's count. While there are a few minor drawbacks, Royal Market is well on its way to becoming the largest English-language darknet market by the end of the year.