Either closed by authorities or made an exit scam.

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Deep Sea Market is a marketplace on the darknet, they have created a new kind of marketplace where they took the best features of all existing and dead markets to provide the best experience possible to buyers and sellers that want to join our community.

About Deep Sea Market

  1. What is DS Market? DS Marketplace (DeepSea) is a marketplace founded by three long time reputable members of the dark-market scene. We hope and believe that the great job done by other people with the marketplaces like Alphabay (made by Alexander), Hansa or Dream Market can be replicated and improved here. We've built this place with an aggressive and user-friendly design, and the market has been coded from scratch with a very secure, stable and scalable language that will allow for the best user experience. We implemented a solid escrow system (a multi-signature escrow system is coming), a lottery, and an autoshop feature. Many more features will be added in the future.

  2. Is it safe? Even though complete security is impossible we are trying to make our marketplace 99.9% secure for our customers, mods and ourselves. We do believe that everyone should be free to sell and buy whatever he wants without interference from countries or laws. We don't use JAVASCRIPT at all. We have built our platform in a very safe and different language than the usual PHP or similar bullshit. We use a language that is more secure, scalable and hard to be hacked. We also ensure your privacy by encrypting all of our database data. Each user can decide to encrypt the messages sent to vendors or mods just by ticking the "encrypt message" box.

  3. Are transactions safe? Are you going to steal my money? We use a secure escrow system to safeguard transactions and protect both parties. When the buyer pays, the money is placed in escrow and the seller delivers the goods. When the buyer acknowledges receipt of the goods, he can release the escrow and the seller will receive the funds. We also don't like exit-scams and bullshit. We've decided to create and invest a lot of money in this platform, its security and in the few but very skilled people that work on it. You'll be always able to withdraw your money without limitation.

  4. I am not satisfied with a transaction. What can i do? The first step is to contact the seller and see if he can come up with a solution satisfactory for both parties. If you believe you have been scammed you can dispute the transaction and a moderator will look into it. If the goods were delivered but they didn't meet your expectations, you can leave neutral or negative feedback, and make it know in the forum, but again be sure to contact sellers before doing it: they often can manage to fix the situation to your satisfaction themselves, and it's in their best interest to do so.

  5. Is DSMarketplace Legal? While it should be obvious to most people, let's make it clear: just browsing the marketplace isn't illegal, and some listings may be legal in most countries too. But in general, as a free, anonymous marketplace we impose very few limitations on what can be traded, thus you'll also find illegal goods and services like controlled substances, and stolen credit cards here. Make sure you access the website through Tor or a VPN.

  6. Are there any rules? Yes. You can read them in detail in the forum. Some rules you must especially keep in mind: no child porn/child abuse material, no bitcoin money making guides or porn accounts, no hitman services offerings/weapons or related discussions here and no Fentalyn(or related) products for sale. Ever.

  7. Which kind of currencies are accepted in the market? Only bitcoin at the moment. Support for monero and zcash is planned to be added shortly as we strongly believe in transaction privacy.

  8. What if you got hacked? In the unlikely case, we get hacked, in addition to our congratulation to the group of hackers with the skills to do it, rest assured that our backend wallet system is designed to keep funds safe even after a hacking event. Even hot wallet funds are stored in different, segregated and redundant servers, all with encrypted DBS, with the vast majority, kept in a cold wallet. Transfers between cold and hot wallets are managed and checked manually as the need for more funds arise, and very few selected people have access to that system, to rule out any risk of "insider job".

  9. How can I become a vendor in the platform? An established vendor can request to obtain a free vendor tag and import of sales and feedback from other markets to maintain their reputation and level. A new vendor can apply, they will pay a small fee. FE Will be guaranteed only to very established and trusted vendors.

  10. How does the PGP Work? PGP (Pretty Good Protection) is an encryption protocol that can guarantee you the required privacy to communicate freely in your business. It works with an asymmetric public and private key system: the sender encrypts the message using the intended recipient provided public key and only he can then decrypt it with his corresponding private key We strongly suggest that you use an offline, open source PGP tool like GPG. If you want an online tool for convenience check: or They are well known but as with all online stuff you can never be sure if they keep or leak your information, so use at your own risk.

  11. Where I can buy bitcoins? You can find plenty of methods and platforms in the clearnet to trade cryptocurrencies. We suggest you buy peer to peer using sites such as since you will often be able to find more hassle-free and private options here, especially if you are new to the field.

  12. Someone linked me your marketplace but the URL looks different from those in the mirrors list or the main site one. What is that? It's very likely a phishing attack: scammers create clones of real websites to intercept users information like passwords, pins and PGP keys. Be very careful and always doublecheck to be in the right website, using provided tools like your secret displayed sentence (attackers have no way to know it and thus can't display it). We do marketing around the deep web but we’ll never ask you to provide pin or PGP private keys privately.

  13. Do you have an official PGP public key, or any other contacts? I'm a journalist and I want to talk with someone from staff, is it possible? Of course, you can find our public contacts and keys in our Contacts Page.

  14. Do you have a referral system? If yes how does it work? Yes, when you signup on our marketplace will be assigned a unique referral code and one URL that can be used to invite any vendors or friend you want and connect it to you. We've decided to assign 50% (half) of our market fees gained from that vendor deals directly to you. Also if the user will do a relevant volume of deals you will have a flat bonus in bitcoin credited on your account. C onnections between users are not pyramid-schemes and you can have 50 connections. Connections will end in 180 days.

  15. Ehy. Have you got some icon view bug? In my TOR browser icons don't display properly. No, there aren't any issues with our icons: if your TOR Browser is set in safest mode (like it should be) javascript is disabled and there's a known issue with Firefox about displaying icons in safest mode. You can solve it following the official guide: here

Link to Deep Sea Market

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